Spiders belong in your garden

Not In Your Home!

It's Time To CAll

Effective and Long-Lasting

Our spider spray treatment effectively eliminates spiders and other insects, providing a lasting protective barrier around your home.

Safe for Your Family and Pets

We use eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets, ensuring your home remains a healthy living environment.

Licensed & Insured

Our trained technicians are experts in identifying and treating various spider species, providing customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

We treat common spider hotspots including foundations, window sills, door frames, and other entry points to ensure thorough protection.

Say Goodbye to Spiders

Keep Your Home Spider-Free with Our Proven Treatment

Are spiders giving you the creeps? Our friendly and professional spider spraying services are here to help! Based in Grimsby, Ontario, we understand how the proximity to Lake Ontario can bring an influx of spiders. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to keeping your home safe and spider-free.

How We Work:

Step 1: Inspection

 We start with a thorough inspection of your property to identify spider hotspots and entry points.

Step 2:Treatment

Our technicians apply a specialized spider spray around the exterior of your home, focusing on areas where spiders are known to harbor.

Step 3: protection

The treatment creates a protective barrier that prevents spiders and other insects from entering your home.

Step 4: maintenance

With our annual plan, we revisit your home regularly to reapply the treatment and ensure continuous protection.

Fast, Friendly Service

We know how frightening spiders can be, especially for those who are deathly afraid of them. Our team is not only professional but also friendly and understanding. We aim to make your experience as stress-free as possible, helping you reclaim your home from those eight-legged invaders.

Safe and Effective

We use a high-quality insecticide concentrate with a proprietary polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from weather, UV exposure, irrigation, and mechanical abrasion, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness. It is is designed to minimize environmental impact and is safe for pets and children once it dries. It leaves no odor or stains behind and is a responsible choice for both indoor and outdoor pest control.

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